{Press & Media}

Each & every day I am grateful to wake up and do what I love. The media coverage and opportunities I have been given have motivated me, opened me up to new audiences and always leave me just a bit breathless.  I never understood that the power of possibility was open to anyone until it began happening to me. This is not an all-inclusive press list. At one time I tried to save every feature + publication to share here, but it became too much. So now,  I try to update it as I can and keep it current when I am not travelling. If you'd like to feature or license my work, collaborate, commission an article or request a press kit, please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you! 

Thank you all for enjoying + supporting this creative, sometimes wild but always amazing life of mine.

With gratitude and a full heart,



Magazines I am featured in include: Art Journaling Magazine, Life Images, Cloth Paper Scissors, Somerset Studio, Artful Blogging, Creative Jewelry, Cloth Paper Scissors Studio & More!

Books I am featured in include: Mixed-Media Self Portraits, Art at the Speed of Life, Digital Expressions, 1000 Journal Pages, The Complete Guide to Bible Prophecy & More!

Websites I am featured on include: Huffington PostComedy Central Rally to Restore Sanity, Mashable, Pioneer Woman, Shutter Sisters, Apartment Therapy and More!

Brands I have worked with include: Flonase, Rodarte, Carnival Cruise Lines, Dos Equis, House of Marley, South Dakota Department of Tourism, Go Breck, Visit Raleigh, Cadillac and More!