Who am I?

Sometimes, I am an artist. Other days I am a photographer. Most days I combine the two and call it artography. I have played the make-believe roles of interior decorator, professional organizer and I can so totally spin circles around Martha's clean floors when I want to... which admittedly, isn't often. I refinish furniture, dabble in cooking and always love to create handmade gifts.  

I am a writer who aims high, dreams big and gets giddy when I stumble upon just the right verbiage to breathe life into my voice. I am indeed, an avid collector of words. I am ab-so-friggin-lutely inept when it comes to anything mathematical and I really have no desire to rectify that. I try my very best to be a purveyor of hope and I wholeheartedly believe in random, anonymous acts of kindness.

I am both a failure and a success story who believes you cannot have one without the other. I am a prolific painter, a novice illustrator and an advocate for mental health awareness. I am a professional singer – of the in-the-shower-who-cares-if-i-am-off-key variety.  I am a lover of nature, a big believer in miracles and I adore animals, children, whimsy and most-things-odd. I am a wife, an aunt, a sister, a daughter, a mentor and a friend but most of all... and most importantly - I am loved. 

I am a passionate instructor whose mission is to show others the power and importance creativity holds in our daily lives. I am a wannabe knitter, a ninja in training, a whiz at altering just about anything and a somewhat unwilling recovering junk collector… moving into a small condo will do that to you. Somehow, I became a forty-something when I wasn't looking and decided it is never too late to begin living a healthier + more adventurous life.  I have a dry, sarcastic sense of humor and my gosh, I love a bad pun. I am an ongoing student of life and like you, I am many things and yet I am none...

... but the one thing that remains constant through this crazy, evolving life of mine - is that I am always Chrysti. 

What is it that I do?

I have been pursuing my own, but always creative- path for what seems like just a decade, but in reality is far longer than I care to admit. Along the way, I was blessed enough to develop a following and stumbled into this Social Media influencer thing, largely due to the success my Instagram account had early on. At that point my focus on mixed-media art shifted primarily to my other love, photography - and while I still marry the two often, travel + event photography is my current reaches-to-the-bottom-of-my-soul passion.

Folks often tell me that I am relatable + that I have a gift of being able to authentically share the stuff I love, the things I don't love and that they feel like they have known me for what seems like forever. It's the highest compliment I can get, because above all else, when I write ... I want people to feel like they sitting next to me, chatting away while sipping on our beverage du jour. I see myself as a person striving to do more of what it is that makes me happy - and at the end of the day, aren't we all working towards that? If my experiences, successes and failures help make your journey a bit easier... then it was all worthwhile. 

It always humbles me that the places I have been, things I do and the stuff I have experienced can impact someone else's life. I don't take that lightly. Exploring my site will help you discover just what it is that I do - and you'll quickly realize, it can change with the wind. The world is an exciting place, and I try to immerse my creativity into as much of it as I can - not wanting to miss a single, beautiful thing. I try my very, very best to live by the fact that each day is a gift - and while I may sometimes forget that, I eventually find my way back. 

So, you can .... (links referenced coming soon)

  • Shop with me here.
  • See the services I offer brands + allow me the privilege of documenting your business, event or place through photography + storytelling here.
  • I do a very limited number of portrait sessions per year, this page will guide you.
  • Contact me with any fun, awesome ideas or adventures. I embrace the different, the new, the exciting, the quiet and the tried + true! 

Always,  Chrysti

P.S. The proper/legal (way-my-mother-intended) way to spell my name is Christy. Which, I think looks prettier. Because getting just Christy as a username was difficult, I began using Chrysti online - around the same time my popularity soared. Nowadays, it is difficult to separate from it, as it has inadvertently become my brand.