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NEW!! - I Wrote A Book!

Photo Craft: Creative Mixed Media and Digital Approaches to Transforming Your Photographs - I co-wrote this with Susan Tuttle - It wIll be released on 10/19/2012 - Pre-Order now!

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Sometimes, I am an artist. Other days I am a photographer. Most days I combine the two and call it artography. I have played the roles of interior decorator, professional organizer and I can spin circles around Martha's clean floors when I want to... which admittedly, isn't often. I refinish furniture, dabble in cooking and always love to make handmade ornaments.

I am a writer who aims high, dreams big and gets giddy when I stumble upon just the right verbiage to breathe life into my voice. I am indeed, an avid collector of words. I am ab-so-friggin-lutely inept when it comes to anything mathematical and I really have no desire to rectify that. I try my very best to be a purveyor of hope and I believe in random acts of kindness.

I am both a failure and a success story who believes you cannot have one without the other. I am a prolific painter, an illustrator and an advocate for mental health awareness. I am a professional singer – of the in-the-shower-who-cares-if-i-am-off-key variety. I am a lover of nature, a big believer in miracles and I adore animals, children, whimsy and most-things-odd. I am a sister, a daughter, a friend but most of all - I am loved.

I am a passionate instructor whose mission is to show others the power and importance creativity holds in our daily lives. I am a wannabe knitter, a whiz at altering just about anything and a somewhat unwilling recovering junk collector… moving into a small condo will do that to you. I have a dry, sarcastic sense of humor and my gosh, I love a bad pun. I am an ongoing student of life and like you, I am many things and yet I am none..

... but the one thing that remains constant is I am always Chrysti.

{Website Status}

The blog is up & running and the rest of the site will be finished as quickly as possible.. I am adding content as I can, and looking into a designer to help me carry the rest out. I hope you'll join me over at the blog and return to see the site in its completion. WANTED: Enthusiastic creative types to write, tape or visually share a guest blog post on my site. Shoot me a note if you're interested!